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how to buy a CNFT

Assuming you have a Cardano wallet with ADA in it, you can buy NFTs by following the creator's instruction on the relevant drop site.

It will look something like:
send 'X' amount of ADA to this 'Cardano wallet address'.

Before you hit SEND make sure you:
1. Are sending from a Cardano wallet.
Anything sent from an exchange will be lost for all eternity.
2. Are certain that these NFTs are legit and have the same policy ID mentioned by the creator.
3. Confirm the amount of ADA and address are correct because you will not be refunded if sent to the wrong address.

You can also buy from Cardano Marketplaces


how to avoid a fake CNFT

Fakes abound all around the CNFT and NFT spaces in general. 
So the best way to avoid is by checking the policy ID of any CNFT you are looking to buy.

Since asset names are not unique and can be easily duplicated, Cardano NFTs need to be identified by the policy ID.
This ID is unique and attached permanently to the asset. The policy ID stems from a policy script that defines characteristics such as who can mint tokens and when those actions can be made.

Many NFT projects make the policy ID of their NFTs publicly available, so anyone can differentiate fraudulent/duplicate NFTs from the original. 


how to view a CNFT

Now that you own a CNFT you can view it on
Open and input your NFT wallet's receiving address

into the search bar.

Now you can view them in all their glory!


how to mint a CNFT

There are many platforms to mint on Cardano with infinite more on the way. Each platform will require you to fund the minting process with ADA from a Cardano wallet.

*remember sending ADA from exchanges will result in you losing  your NFTs for eternity!


how to sell/trade a CNFT

List of Marketplaces & Cardano NFT Tools

Always double, triple and quadruple check policy ID before buying because on the blockchain there are no take backsies!

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